The History of the International Wine & Food Society


The International Wine & Food Society (IW&FS) is the world’s oldest and most renowned gastronomic society.   The Society’s mission is the promotion of a broad knowledge and understanding of both wine and food, the enhancement of their appreciation, and the nurturing of camaraderie among those who share the pleasures of the table. 


The IW&FS is a worldwide organization founded in 1933 by André L. Simon, CBE, Legion d’Honneur (1877-1970), who was renowned as a bibliophile, gourmet, wine connoisseur, historian and writer.


In his words, the purpose of the Society “is to bring together and serve all who believe that a right understanding of good food and wine is an essential part of personal contentment and health, and that an intelligent approach to the pleasures and problems of the table offers far greater rewards than the mere satisfaction of appetite.”


Simon’s energy and charm ultimately enabled him to generate branches throughout the world so that today there are more than 8,000 members in 150 branches in 40 countries.

About The IW&FS In Europe and Africa

There are over 40 branches of the IW&FS throughout Europe and Africa with a total membership of more than 1000. The Europe and Africa Committee (EAC) is the governingbody that oversees the activities of these branches.  The EAC organises regular festivals throughout its region.
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The primary activities of the IW&FS are events organized by individual branches.


The EAC encourages program exchanges between branches and regions, offers ideas for new and interesting events and approves awards for special members, outstanding chefs, restaurants and memorable occasions.

The EAC publishes a quarterly newsletter Wine & Food and maintains the EAC section of the Society's web site.

The mission of the EAC is to foster the growth of the International Wine and Food Society throughout the region and to facilitate the precepts of the Founder, Andre Simon.