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The Tour includes:

All lodging, events, meals, wines, and local transportation (transportation provided to all locations from Friday, October 27, 2023, to your return to Torino on Saturday morning, November 4, 2023).

Welcome to the Marin Brach of the International Wine and Food Society.




Alba, Italy 2023

White Truffle Tour! 


October 27 - November 4, 2023

Torino and Alba, Italy 


Join us on a sensational adventure.  


A Very Special Week You Do Not Want To Miss!



his year’s tour begins in Torino, a fabulous bustling city with outstanding cuisine. In 2009 I began the Tour
here, and I have fond memories of our remarkable experience.


Our day in Torino will begin with a private tour of The Museo delle Antichità Egizie. “The Drovetti Collection” is the original nucleus of the Egyptian Museum, holding ninety-eight statues and an extraordinary collection of papyri considered one of the world’s most important sets of Egyptian written documents. The museum is impressive, especially the statues exhibited in a long black mirrored room, highlighting their large stature in this magnificent setting.


One of my favorite chefs from Alba recently opened an exciting Michelin-star restaurant in Torino. Andrea Larossa’s superb dishes are showstopping and delicious culinary masterpieces. Last year, when I attempted to secure a reservation and learned of his relocation, I decided he was too important to miss. Our elegant dinner will set the stage for what is to come.


The following day we will be whisked to Alba, a leisurely trek about an hour and twenty minutes from Torino. Alba, where streets are abuzz with people and shops exhibiting their culinary offerings on beautifully displayed tables – golden yellow pasta, colorful condiments of every variety, fresh white truffles piled neatly under sparkling glass domes, and wines from producers unknown in the new world. A beautiful Villa awaits where your relaxing stay at their beautiful Agricole property provides a memorable Italian experience.


The Tour:

Each day, we present three events, a winery or culinary production facility tour and a glorious luncheon followed by a white truffle dinner held at many of Piemonte’s best restaurants. I choose dishes unique to the region and its ingredients, which you will not experience as a tourist or on any other tour. Each dish allows you to enjoy the unique signature of each outstanding Chef. You will encounter a brilliant adventure and become acquainted with Italian cuisine in a manner you have never experienced before.


The Wines:

Being at the heart of the great vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco, you will enjoy over 100 different wines. Also, we will present varietals from the area that many of you have yet to experience from producers that do not export to the U.S. Quintessential to this region are the various vineyards known for their identifiable characteristics. Accompanied by century-old winemaking techniques, a generation of winemakers create some of the world’s greatest wines.



The Tour is not a business but a part of our branch activities and my hobby. I very much enjoy sharing outstanding experiences with like-minded culinary and wine enthusiasts.


What does the Tour include?

All lodging, events, meals, wines, and local transportation (transportation provided to all locations from Friday, October 27, 2023, to your return to Torino on Saturday morning, November 4, 2023). The price of the Tour is $5,800 per person.


For those arriving in Torino early, we can secure your hotel reservation at a discounted rate.

We hope that you will consider joining us for yet another remarkable adventure.


For additional details, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best Wishes,
Jack Rubyn, Chairman IWFS Marin