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Welcome to the Marin Brach of the International Wine and Food Society.





1015 Battery Street, San Francisco



Saturday, September 16, 2023 ~ 6:30 p.m.


Members $ 475.00 ~ Guests $525.00


Une Grande Soirée de Bourgogne
Extraordinaire - Un Dernier Salut



The last great chef of San Francisco’s “old school” of French cuisine is retiring.


Chef Gerald Hirigoyen was an integral component of the San Francisco culinary scene. In 1991 he paved the way for a new era with his Fringale restaurant in the south of market district, better known as SoMa.


He proved a unique concept – you can put a restaurant anywhere, and if the cuisine is outstanding, they will come, and boy, they did. I can well remember this “big hit,” a boisterous restaurant that was vibrant and fun.


The restaurant was an exciting place to be, and the dishes were sublime. From there, he opened Piperade, another hit. Our Society held many events at both restaurants, their staff exceptional, incomparable hospitality, and reasonable prices!


The closing of this restaurant ends an exceptional chapter in San Francisco French cuisine history. At a time when French chefs were abundant, it seemed one by one, they left, moving on to new culinary horizons or retiring after a long tenure.


We invite you to a great celebration, and our “hats off ” to this wonderful gentleman.


It is with enormous gratitude to the decades of special experiences he provided to our group. But there is one more to enjoy. We look forward to seeing you on this very special evening.  

Best wishes,
Jack Rubyn, Chairman