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Welcome to the Marin Brach of the International Wine and Food Society.




Tour de Force, La Folie

San Francisco

2316 Polk St. San Francisco

Thursday, July 17, 2014, 6:30 p.m.
$295.00 Members ~ $350.00 Guests


Captivation, “as by beauty or excellence,” appropriately defines the cuisine of San Francisco’s greatest Chef of French Cuisine, Roland Passot.


Roland began his early years in Lyon France under the guidance of legendary Chefs such as Paul Lacombe and later by his most influential mentor, Jean Banchet. One of the last Master Chef ’s of French Cuisine to work “Hands On” in a San Francisco kitchen, Roland’s La Folie has become the last of the grand French dining houses in San Francisco.


Through his decades of excellence, La Folie has gained legendary status, and the only restaurant where you can enjoy a meal that rivals the best in France.


My first visit was in the late 1980’s after I had just returned from a trip to Paris. My good friend and beloved member, Leon Galleto, had made all my reservations so that I could enjoy the finest Parisian experience. Upon my return he invited me to La Folie and there I had one of my most memorable dinners. The hallmark of that evening was being introduced to our former founder and Chairman Dr. Haskell Norman. Even more eventful was the superb generous glass of 1961 Château Pétrus that Haskell sent to our table for us to enjoy. From there a long journey began, and La Folie became an unforgettable evening.


Now, some two and half decades later, and after countless events, we return to La Folie for a magnificent evening. Roland has created a special menu -- another great and masterful collection of unique creations for a true culinary adventure. Along with our usual Champagne Hors d’Oeuvre reception, I decided to focus on two 1979 vintage Côte Rôtie’s to showcase one of my favorite dishes, the Butter Poached Lobster, followed by Roland’s latest creation, the remarkable Emigh Farm Lamb Rack.


We hope you will join us for a sensational evening, and yet another “Tour de Force” with Roland Passot.


Best wishes,
Jack Rubyn, Chairman



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