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Welcome to the Marin Brach of the International Wine and Food Society.





1015 Battery Street, San Francisco



Saturday, March 18, 2023~ 6:30 P.M. 

 Members $450.00 ~ Guests $495.00


Une Grande Soirée de Bourgogne


We are delighted to present this special evening with
Master French Chef Gerald Hirigoyen at his Legendary

Although we wish to salute Chef Hirigoyen for his decades
of service to San Francisco cuisine and his retirement,
it falls with sadness since Piperade will close on
November 30, 2023.


This event will be one of two; our final salute will occur in September.

Chef Hirigoyen’s unequaled gracious hospitality, kindness,
and unique style defined San Francisco’s culinary
scene. In addition, his fabulous Pyreneesian restaurant,
nestled on Battery street, has a hint of Basque romance
symbolic of the joy of great cooking. Our hat’s off to
this wonderful man!

This special evening will feature the best of Burgundy—
a wine selection featuring the iconic names of Leroy,
Dujac, Roty, and Sauzet. Burgundy is where the
soul of France captivates the human spirit with wines
that define winemaking at its best. So we present a few
of our best, a tease to the palate and an embrace of the
gold standard of Pinot Noir.

Burgundy lovers, you are in for a grand evening!.

Warmest wishes,

Jack & Simone Rubyn