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The $4,800.00 per person tour fee includes all events, lodging and transportation (airfare to Milan is not included) from Saturday, October 27 through your return back to Milan on Saturday, 3 November.


Welcome to the Marin Brach of the International Wine and Food Society.




Alba, Italy 2018
White Truffle Adventure
October 27 - November 3, 2018
Milan & Alba, Italy


A Very Special Week You Do Not Want To Miss!


Italy comes alive once again for our 18th annual tour to Piemonte.


Being at the source of culinary heritage, where trends take a back-seat to tradition, is where great culinary experiences begin and become an expression of the environment. Here local ingredients are essential components of optimal flavor, being best enjoyed close to their origin. Italy simply catapults the senses into culinary enlightenment.


Experiencing the best of Piemonte during a one week period, attendees become immersed in the grand Italian dining experience and lifestyle. These are far from pedestrian culinary gatherings, our Chefs providing special dishes that lay diners may never experience on their own. The height of Truffle (Tartufo Bianco) season is the optimal time to experience the world’s most sought-after Alba Truffle. During this special time of year, Alba is in full celebration with its International White Truffle Festival, and restaurants proudly display their abundant daily harvest of fresh white truffles.


With a short eight-day shelf life, truffles should be enjoyed close to, and preferably on the same day, upon harvest.  Being at the home of Barolo and Barbaresco offers an unparalleled wine experience. Attendees enjoy over 100 different Italian wines, many unavailable in the United States. In addition to spectacular luncheons and dinners, the tour includes winery and culinary production facility tours. Here attendees enjoy seeing firsthand the precise and exacting nature of the Italian work ethic and witness their impeccable attention to detail. Learning about the historical significance of our destinations provides a better understanding of Italian cuisine and its evolution.


We enjoy Chauffeur service to all locations. Our stay at the beautiful Villa Meridiana (a short one kilometer from the center of Alba) is a captivating setting with sweeping views of the Langhe. Breakfast in the morning offers freshly prepared homemade culinary items, many of which are from their farm. Last year the Villa hosted a not-to-be-forgotten private dinner for our group. Special beyond words they enthusiastically agreed to a repeat performance for this year’s tour!

Our adventure begins in Milan with two extraordinary events. The following day we escape to Alba. For those arriving in Milan early, our hotel is located a short three blocks from the Central Train Station, where a day trip to Venice or Florence is a little over two hours by train.


Last year’s tour was a master class on Italian cuisine featuring many of Piemonte’s finest restaurants and chef’s.


The $4,800.00 per person tour fee includes all events, lodging and transportation (airfare to Milan not included) from Saturday, 27 October through your return to Milan on the morning of Saturday, 3 November.


We hope that you will consider joining us for yet another remarkable adventure.


Best Wishes,
Jack Rubyn, Chairman IWFS Marin